Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Henry Update: Home Again

When I last wrote, Henry was in Children's hospital in St. Louis for observation. I was pretty scared and waiting for the worst to happen.

Instead, the best happened. Henry was sent home!

The doctors said he had a virus, that what was going on was completely normal, but because of our history they wanted to be extra careful and watch him closely. We were fortunate to work with one of the best doctors in the nation, and he was very attentive to our case.

So now we are home and enjoying the peace and quiet. We are so happy.

We go back to the clinic on Thursday for a follow-up appointment. Henry will have a blood test to make sure things are going the way the need to. We will probably be visiting the clinic regularly to make sure Henry is doing well. We are so glad we have a kind, caring doctor.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, e-mails, Facebook comments, texts, cards, and phone calls. We are so grateful to have a support system like you all. It means a lot.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Great Big Happy Birthday

One year ago today, Henry Samuel Notgrass was born.

Henry 7/25/2012

Henry 7/25/2013

My, how time flies! Happy birthday, little son. Mommy loves you.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Unexpected: An Update on Henry and a Pouring out of my Heart

Sunday morning Henry woke up with a fever. No big deal. By Tuesday, however, his fever had risen higher and we decided to take him to the doctor. As recommended by our specialist at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Henry had a blood test to check his cell levels. They were just below the "safe" range, so we took him to Children's Hospital here in St. Louis to have him monitored.

We were hopeful that his cell levels would rise but they have not. He has no other symptoms and his other numbers look good, but still...

Now we are sitting in the hospital, waiting. Waiting for his neutrophil levels to rise; waiting for the signs that what is going on is a virus. That next week everything is normal and we will be on our way home.

Waiting to wake up from a potential nightmare.

The last time we were in the hospital we came home with empty arms. My soul is crushed as my feelings tell me this is what is going to happen again, but my mind tells me to wait, wait and see. Henry is in good hands and I feel confident that the doctors here are doing their utmost to help Henry.

But I am still scared.



I have had so much pain in the last four years my very being recoils from enduring any more.

This is not how it's supposed to be.

But this is the way it is.

I'm breathing.

I am taking one step at a time.

I am clinging to the fact that Henry is not sick the way Avery was.

He is eating, sleeping, producing plenty of diapers, playing with toys, getting in to everything, hamming it up for the medical personal (they are in love with him, but then again, who isn't?), and being generally cute and trouble, all at the same time.

I want this life.

I want to be a mommy.

I want to be Henry's mommy.

I want to take him home and love on him there.

I want him.

Thoughts go through my head, some good, some dark. I know that Jesus knows what is going on and that comforts me. But I am having a hard time being patient while Jesus works through this situation.

Pray for Henry, and if you are not a praying person, think of him and send him warm, positive thoughts. Pray that we can keep him, that we can all go home and be together, us three and the kitties.

Thank you.