Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tomorrow is A Birthday

Tomorrow it will be one year.

One year since I have seen his little face smiling up at me.

One year since I have felt his lips on my cheek, giving me sweet baby kisses.

One year since his little voice asked for "Dada."

One year since I held him.

One year since I told him I loved him.

One year since he was so sick.

Once year since he spent so much time in the hospital.

One year since I hoped.

One year since I sat by his bed and prayed with groaning that could not be expressed for his life.

One year since I saw people around the world praying all through the night for my baby.

One year since I felt God's presence in the hospital room.

One year since those who loved Avery gathered by his side and sang "Jesus loves me."

One year since we let go.

Tomorrow is Avery's first birthday in Heaven.

I love you, my sweet boy.

Avery had so much personality. This is one of our favorite pictures of him. It captures his essence beautifully.


  1. Praying for the God of all comfort to draw near to you and John.

    I love you all so much. I grieve with you and rejoice for Avery.

    ~ Jemmie

  2. Sweet precious words, I am so moved reading this. Avery has a beautiful mother.

    Praying for you this day & still do when the Lord brings you to mind. He is a beautiful boy.


  3. Love you both. Grieving & celebrating with you, across the miles. Miss that sweet sunny little face. I think I always will. That's not a bad thing. :') Cath

  4. I love uou Audra
    my heart hurts for you so much. I keep the photo collage I have of him on my wall in my room. This is beautiful and made me tear up. I'm having my little boy in eleven days and am so excited. I love you my forever friend

  5. Love you guys! Praying for you and thinking of you a whole lot today. God be with you, especially in the aches and hurt.
    Know you're not alone. He's there, and so are many others here for you.

    Bask today in each other's love. Hold each other close as your grief spills out.

    You are so surrounded with love.Our thoughts and tears are with you. Love always, Rebecca

  6. Thank you all so much. Your love and support mean a lot to us.