Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Stick Family

Once upon a time there was a stick family. They lived in the automotive aisle in a store. One cold day a man bought them and brought them to his home.

He wrapped them in pretty paper and put the package under a beautiful Christmas Tree.

A few days later, the stick family felt themselves being freed from the paper and were soon gazing into the face of a woman. She was so happy she was crying.

She and the man and a little baby took the stick family and placed them in their new home, on the back window of a little yellow car. There was a mom, a dad, a baby and two cats. Above the stick family the man and woman placed a little girl, the one who lived in Heaven.

The stick family loved their new life on the car window. Together, with the man, woman and baby, the stick family traveled all over the country. They visited many interesting places and had a good time.

Then one day, something very sad happened. The little stick baby, who by this time had grown bigger, had to leave the stick family. He went to Heaven to be with his big sister and another baby sister. The stick family was very sad and missed him. They comforted themselves with looking at them, flying above them on the window.

Very soon after the little stick boy left, the stick family once again had a stick baby by their side. It was a different stick baby, but they loved him. They were still sad and missed their other stick children, but they were happy, too. Life was good.

The end.
The Stick Family
John, Audra, Melody, Avery, Glory, Henry, Anne and Kit Kat

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's Not True, Really

I can't write it. It has been over a year and I still can't write it.


That's what I can't write. My brain knows that in a physical sense, what happened on June 2 was death. That Avery's little body had to stop. That process is called death.

But my heart tells me something different. My heart tells me that Avery, the real Avery, the sun-shiny, sparkly, happy, joyful little soul is alive and well.

Avery's body stopped working but his soul did not. We can't see him right now but he is not gone from our lives forever. He is just waiting for us to join him someday.

And that is why I can't write the word. It is not true.

He's alive, just living in a different place.

I sure wish I could see and talk to him though! I miss him.