Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sometimes I Remember

Sometimes I remember things.
Things that happened only a short time ago
But seem so far away.
Like the time we went to LA to see the sights.
You were in your stroller, just chilling
Being cool, the way you always were.
We went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre
And it was very hot and crowded.
But you were having fun.
You looked out at all the people and smiled.
You smiled at strangers,
At people you did not know.
You loved them
And they loved you back.
Do you remember the man from Japan?
The one with the big camera?
Daddy was pushing you and the man came up
And asked to take your picture
Because you were so cute.
You smiled your beautiful smile
And your eyes sparkled.
The camera flashed
And that moment was frozen in time.
Now you are in heaven and we can't see your smile
Here on earth.
But somewhere in Japan
People have seen your adorable little face
And it makes them happy.
You have blessed people who don't even know you,
Even as you bless me, my son.


  1. What a beautiful poem. I miss him so much for you, Audra.
    Much love,
    ~ Jemmie

  2. The Lord certainly used him to bring delight to others' faces! Your memories are so precious.
    That was beautiful, Audra. The words are touching. Thank you for sharing this sweet memory that is so close to your heart. Know that you're all loved very much. Rebecca