Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Very Belated Thank You

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for you love, prayers, gifts, meals and support you have given to us this past year. Because of your kindness and generosity, we did not have to worry about where our next meal was coming from, medical bills, and preparing baby things for Henry.

Your kindness and generosity allowed us to take time off from work and other responsibilities and focus on grieving, healing, and getting excited about Henry's birth.

The many cards you sent comforted us during the long nights. Right before bed, we turned on praise and worship music and opened card after card filled with loving words. We were able to do this for several weeks. They gave us peace during a troubled time.

The meals were delicious! Since Avery would help me make dinner, it was hard to even go into the kitchen, and all the wonderful food kept us fed until I was able to cook.

The monetary gifts you gave were a blessing. Neither John nor I were up to any budgeting or figuring out finances, and the money helped in so many ways with medical bills, groceries, a few much needed date nights, and baby things.

The baby gifts you showered on Henry were a blessing! It was good to have new things for him and not have to go through Avery's baby clothes. We were not emotionally ready for that. Henry was (and still is!) the best dressed little guy in the US. The sweet handmade blankets, the hats, socks, toys and stuffed animals helped us get excited again about the arrival of Avery's little brother.

I am sorry this is so late, but the grieving process takes a lot out of one, and add a new baby and a move to a new state on top of that. It makes for a very busy year.

 I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. Some of you I don't even know, and yet you showered such love on us. It is overwhelming and makes my heart feel all happy and peaceful when I think of the way you have shown us love and support during our darkest days.

So thank you, once again, from all of us.

~ Audra, John and Henry

PS I think Avery is thankful too, as he looks down from Heaven and sees Mommy and Daddy and baby Henry being loved by all the people that loved him. :)


  1. I think you say thank you, every time you share your life experiences, reflections, struggles, anecdotes, & encouragements with us. Likewise, when you include us in your family moments, w/ pics of your beautiful kids. Love you!

  2. Love you. I feel strongly that that's what people, especially believers should do, when their friend is hurting. The Bible says that when one member of the body hurts, all the members hurt. That's for sure.

    Romans 12 says to "weep with those who weep".

    I certainly hope this coming year is a less painful, more joyful one for you. Love, Rebecca