Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Henry's Birthday Party

On August 3rd, Henry had his first birthday party. It was a blast. So many people came to show their love for him. It was overwhelming.

The theme for his party was sock monkeys. How could it not be?

Just a month ago, I was scared and in the hospital with Henry, wondering if we would even get to have a party for him.

God was good and Henry enjoyed his party. He is a people person and loved being with so many of his friends and family.

Before the party

Henry's adorable sock monkey cake was made by my friends the Kellum Family. I highly recommend them. If you ever need a cake, have them make it. It's yummy, and they do a fantastic job. Look at the cake! Just look at it! How cute.

Henry enjoyed it.

We decided to host the party at The Family Vision Library. It was a good choice. I highly recommend hosting events there.


That's quite a haul, Henry.

Mt. Present. Thanks everyone, for the fun gifts. Henry loved everything.

Now that we have reached one milestone we are excited for the next. We can't wait for his 2nd birthday!


  1. He is a pumpkin! What a joy! Blessings to all youf, Audra :)

    Rejoicing in Him, Patrizia xoxoxo

    1. We know the same people! Have a great day!!

  2. Thanks, Patrizia! Blessings back! :)